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Kount and Ethoca: Allies on the Digital Battleground

posted on: Tue Jun 14 2016

Kount and Ethoca: Allies on the Digital BattlegroundAll-In-One Solution Prevents Merchants From Becoming Cannon Fodder For Fraudsters

War has evolved. Long gone are the days of two forces coming together on the battlefield and settling affairs in a frenzied hour of combat. Even the turn-based trench warfare of World War One is a far cry from today’s guerrilla affairs.

Today, conflicts can erupt anywhere and everywhere, even within your computer. In fact, one of the most active battlefields today can be found in the digital space, where vulnerable merchants scramble desperately to protect their revenue from a new breed of fraudster.

There is no hiding place: 2016’s War on Fraud has already claimed several high-profile victims, and if your defences aren’t up to scratch, you’re marking yourself out as cannon fodder to the predatory cybercriminals that lurk in waiting.

Worryingly, our latest Mobile Fraud Survey exposed the fact that only 16% of merchants deemed “Addressing how to manage fraud risk” as their top mobile channel priority for 2016. This startling complacency makes Kount’s recent integration of Ethoca Alerts timelier than ever.

Every team of good guys needs a leader, and in Kount and Ethoca, they have two of the best. The new alliance builds on their existing relationship to unite the considerable forces of anti-fraud and payments, providing merchants with an all-in-one fraud prevention solution that leaves their defences stronger than ever.

But how exactly does this help merchants fight fraud and protect their transactions? Well, as any good commander knows, winning a war requires three things:

  • A solid first line of defence: Kount’s decision engine analyses hundreds of variables in an average of 300 milliseconds to determine a transaction’s risk of fraud, making it almost impossible for the bad guys to breach your business at the first stage.
  • An unrivalled intelligence network: Ethoca head up the largest global card issuer and merchant collaboration platform in the industry, meaning that up-to-date and detailed information can be shared with your organisation in an instant.
  • A plan for when the enemy gets through: Today’s fraudsters have a whole host of tricks, weapons and tactics at their fingertips, so it’s no surprise that some will breach even the best defence. When they do, you need to act fast. Ethoca Alerts sounds the alarm for merchants as soon as cardholders confirm fraud with their bank, not weeks down the line. This cuts off the chargeback attack at the source, allowing merchants to resolve cardholder complaints before the issue cripples them from the inside.

Fraudsters have one brazen goal: Taking as much of your money as possible. Luckily for merchants, Kount and Ethoca have a pretty powerful vision too: Arming merchants with the strongest fraud intelligence and fraud fighting program on the market. By increasing overall acceptance of orders, and jointly protecting against suspected and confirmed fraud, Kount-Ethoca merchants can rally against cybercrime and take back their digital stomping grounds. Don’t be an easy target in 2016’s War on Fraud. Protect your business and join the fight.

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