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Kount Supports Apple Pay. And Bitcoin. And Goats, Depending on What Payments You Accept

posted on: Thu Oct 23 2014

BitcoinThis week marks the end of the payments industry as we know it. Unless you have the latest iDevice with Apple Pay, say goodbye to snagging that latte on the way to work. Or picking up groceries at Whole Foods. Or paying for gas at Texaco. Or anywhere else that accepts Apple’s new payment platform.

Of course this is a wild exaggeration. But with all the media hype it seems preordained that Apple will single-handedly transform the payment industry. Certainly we believe both online and brick-and-mortar retailers will be impacted by Apple Pay for a variety of reasons, but the how and when remains to be seen. It may be actually harder to find initially than being immediately transformative, if the ComputerWorld headline “Apple Pay hits U.S. stores Monday -- assuming buyers can find anywhere to use it,” is any indication.

We understand the hype – add the widespread adoption of iPhones to nearly 800 million iTunes accounts and combine them with increased demand for smarter POS systems due to breaches, and you can see change is coming. Apple Pay may indeed blaze a path to more widespread adoption of people paying by phone at retail locations around the globe.

But what does this mean for online businesses?

The bottom line is you should feel confident accepting any form of payment without the fear of fraud, whether it’s Apple Pay, bitcoin or the next form of payment we’ve yet to hear about. That means finding a fraud solution designed to be future-proof, flexible enough to adapt to new payment types and devices and powerful enough to customize rules for any of these factors as you see fit.

When Kount was created to help our sister company ClickBank beat fraud more than a decade ago, we realized how critical these features were. Since then we’ve seen numerous payment methods emerge along with too many devices to count, and we’ve enabled our customers to adapt to each evolution. Apple Pay is simply the latest example of how you can evolve with Kount and not look back.

Whether you operate in the gaming industry and have a customized payment type or starting to accept Bitcoin, Kount provides the same level of protection. You can learn more about these and other features of Kount by signing up for a free 15-minute fraud analysis or visiting our Kount Complete page.