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Life As A Fraudster: Carding 101

posted on: Thu Jul 21 2016

“You have to think of fraudsters just like other business people because it’s grown into that – this is no longer the little hacker that plays around on his computer. It’s usually pretty organized.”

- Don Bush, VP of Marketing, Kount

Young Gheorghe is ready to make a name for himself in the fraud underworld. His mentor, Constantin, is willing to help Gheorghe get started in the business. Follow these two professional fraudsters as Constantin gets Gheorghe set up on the dark web so he can access black markets, hacker forums, underground chat rooms, and even internships.

Using weaponized data from more than 700 million accounts compromised last year, the two criminals test stolen credit card accounts and start to “make money on the internet!” Only they’re not part of a Silicon Valley high-tech startup promising to transform our lives for the better. They’re sophisticated data criminals working within a worldwide criminal hierarchy that was responsible for $16 billion in fraud losses last year.