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Life As A Fraudster: Fraud University

posted on: Tue Aug 23 2016

“Fraudsters are always probing to find the next better deal." 

Don Bush, VP of Marketing, Kount

Welcome to Fraud University! Come spend the day with a young fraudster starting his college career. Only he’s not majoring in engineering. Or physical therapy. He’s majoring in fraud.   

Wannabe cybercriminals like our “freshman” can easily find online resources they need on dark nets and cryptonets to progress from an amateur hacker to become an integral part of a cybercriminal organization. They can learn how to establish synthetic identities, which proxies to use to hide their true locations, where to get one of the 113 million stolen Social Security Numbers available, and much more. Oh, the bell is ringing. Better hurry or you’ll be late to class…