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Micro Center Chooses Kount to Power its e-Commerce

posted on: Mon Mar 26 2012

Micro Center Computers and Electronics shared the news earlier this month that it has selected Kount Complete™ to power its fraud reduction strategy. While Micro Center is an experienced bricks-and-mortar computer and consumer electronics retailer, it is rapidly becoming an emerging force in the e-commerce realm. Their growth in this side of their business is nothing short of impressive. Micro Center also has an expert reputation among its customers, selling more computer-related items (more than 30,000 in stock) than any other computer retailer.

Like many companies experiencing growth and moving into new markets, products or payment methods, Micro Center wants to maximize the protection of both the company and its customers. While many consider the primary impacts of fraud to be lost product, damaged customer relations, wasted time and expenses such as chargebacks and other financial burdens there is an often neglected but serious impact – sales. Companies often avoid markets, countries or regions with higher levels of fraud when they could simply leverage solutions like Kount Complete to analyze their e-commerce process before, during and after each transaction so they can continue to sell their products and services around the globe. Put even more simply, Kount helps minimize your fraud risk so you can sell more products to more people in more places.

Digging a bit deeper into the process, Kount’s “decisioning” engine analyzes hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time, applies rules based on the merchant’s specific needs, then delivers a highly predictive risk assessment in an average of just 350 milliseconds. The process gives our customers greater visibility into fraudulent activities while dramatically reducing the need for costly and time-consuming manual review. It is also so incredibly quick that your customers will not notice any lag time whatsoever.

But don’t take our word for it, feel free to shop at Micro Center and see if you notice any delay when you check out. Rumor has it our analytics are faster than a 90mph fastball.