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Payment Processors Rejoice!

posted on: Tue Dec 06 2016

Kount Central Introduces New Continuous Underwriting Feature to Boost Protection Among Payment Service Providers and their Merchant Portfolios 

Here at Kount, we’re always evolving our award-winning fraud prevention tools to best protect our customers of all sizes, in real-time. We’re excited to announce that we’ve upgraded Kount Central, a comprehensive fraud protection suite for online payment processors, payment gateways, hosted payment pages, and eCommerce platforms. Kount Central was developed to protect both the payment service provider and their entire merchant portfolio, while offering new, value-added services and additional revenue streams.

kountcentralWith one simple integration, the new version of Kount Central offers four enhanced protection solutions, including a Continuous Underwriting functionality, which monitors and reacts to changing risk levels for each merchant and each transaction processed. With Kount Central, every organization in the payments approval and acceptance stream gets a comprehensive level of protection against the ever-growing fraud risk. Our solution helps the entire payments ecosystem -- serving payment processors and their merchants, from the very largest, highest volume customers to the smallest long-tail ones.

These new features can be applied to a subset of processors’ online merchants or to their entire portfolio, including:

  • Kount Central Continuous Underwriting. Using Kount Central to employ the concept of “continuous underwriting” means you have an early warning system highlighting problems before they get out of hand. The service monitors for changes in risk profile – down to the minute -- and protects the processor from account abuse.
  • Kount Central Enterprise. A complete and comprehensive solution for the largest and most valuable merchants with zero IT hassle. Since the payment service provider will have already integrated with the Kount Central platform, no additional IT integration is needed for these merchants. Even the largest merchants can be up and running in minutes.
  • Kount Central Fraud Manager. Suited for SMB merchants who want to utilize a powerful yet simple solution to monitor and manage their own fraud and risk thresholds. No IT integration is required and the added service means new revenue stream possibilities for payment service providers.
  • Kount Central Portfolio Manager. This level of service provides a layer of protection for every transaction and can be used as a value-added service for new merchant acquisition or as a new revenue opportunity. 

Kount remains committed to developing comprehensive solutions for our customers so that they don’t have to rely on piecemeal technologies, as evidenced by our new product upgrades, growing portfolio of intellectual property, and continued innovation in the online and mobile payments space. Learn more about the updated Kount Central here.


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