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Rescue Your Customers from the IT Integration Line

posted on: Wed Jan 11 2017

Are you a payment processor, payment gateway, hosted payment page, or ecommerce platform? Does this scenario sound familiar for any of your merchant customers?

  1. Decided to do something about increasing CNP fraud costs
  2. Researched and identified an antifraud solution
  3. Now waiting to get solution deployed due to backlog in their IT department

Or even more common…

  1. Decided to do something about increasing CNP fraud costs
  2. Asked their IT department for help identifying an antifraud solution
  3. Waiting on their IT department due to backlog

No More Waiting in the IT Integration Line

Kount has an answer – for your merchants and for you: Kount Central. Kount Central is a simple way for you to profitably offer best-in-class antifraud protection to merchants without making them wait in the IT integration line:

  • No IT project necessary – you flip a software switch and your merchant has antifraud protection up and running in minutes
  • Lower cost than an individual merchant could obtain by buying directly
  • More than just fraud reduction – also reduced manual reviews (lower operating costs) and lower decline rates (higher sales)

How is this possible? Kount Central is the next stage in the evolution of fraud prevention. Instead of implementing fraud prevention at the individual merchant-level, Kount Central implements fraud prevention at the payment processing level.

It takes just one simple integration – the average Kount Central project duration is presently 45-60 days. After that, you can offer every single one of your merchants “fraud-prevention-as-a-service” at the flick of a switch. This integration at the processor level makes it possible for you to deliver three levels of fraud prevention – suited to any merchant size.

  1. Kount Central Enterprise: Designed for top-tier accounts, Enterprise provides Kount’s comprehensive antifraud solution at the flick of a software switch. Even merchants processing millions of transactions a day can be up and running in minutes. No integration or IT project for them. No integration or IT project for you. They’ll get the same capabilities as if they had installed Kount Complete™ on their own platform. However, they’ll enjoy volume pricing discounts based your overall transaction volume (versus individual account volume pricing). White glove support by Kount – including a dedicated account manager – is included with Kount Central Enterprise, relieving you of any headcount or infrastructure costs.
  2. Kount Central Fraud Manager: Intended for mid-size-to-small merchants, Fraud Manger employs Kount’s antifraud engine skinned with your branded interface. While not 100% customizable like Enterprise, merchants can nonetheless configure approximately 20 settings that provide an impressive level of flexibility and individual fraud control. For example, they can block/unblock individual countries, increase/decrease velocity thresholds, create positive/negative lists, and more. Plus, powerful, yet simple-to-use reporting makes it easy for them to precisely dial in their configuration to get the best results for their specific eCommerce needs. Once again, there is no integration or IT project for your merchant. No integration or IT project for you. Merchants are up and running in minutes.
  3. Kount Central Portfolio Manager: Ideal for smaller merchants, Portfolio Manager provides baseline fraud prevention across your entire merchant portfolio. To win new clients or retain existing accounts, it’s a better value-add alternative to discounting. Further, Portfolio Manager is a proven way to avoid taking on problem merchants, and for protecting your processing operations against merchants who misrepresent their product/or risk profile and expose you to regulatory or compliance issues.

Thanks to all of these benefits, Kount Central transforms a source of constant friction between merchants and processors – chargebacks, product losses, fraud costs, fees, etc. – into a profit accelerator – for both merchants and processors.

Maybe that’s why Kount Central has been deployed by leading payment processors, payment gateways, hosted payment pages, and ecommerce platforms like 3d Cart, BlueSnap, Braintree, Chase Paymentech, Demandware, GoECart, Lime Light, Magento, maxiPago!, Mozu, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, and X-Cart.

Want to see Kount Central in action and judge for yourself if it really is the next stage in the evolution of fraud prevention? Visit the Kount Central web page to request a private, 30-minute demonstration, or click below to visit our Resources Page: