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The Bachelor: Kount Tells All - Round 2

posted on: Mon Feb 20 2017

By: Don Bush, VP of Marketing at Kount

While some may be hesitant to admit it, I am, in fact, a (semi-willing) member of Bachelor Nation. Last year, you may recall that I wrote a piece likening the bachelor to a fraudster.

Because we are equal opportunists here at Kount—it is the contestants’ turn to get the fraud treatment. While Nick Viall is no saint on this journey, the ladies’ actions are too similar to fraudsters attempting to trick online merchants for me to believe that happily ever after is in the cards for poor Nick.

As we head into hometown dates, here is our second Bachelor Fraudster Tell All—ladies edition!

Vanessa: Vanessa, the teacher from Montreal, seems like a crowd favorite (for a good reason!). She is sweet, smart (a special ed teacher who speaks three languages) and there for “all the right reasons” …or is she? A quick Google search reveals that Vanessa has an IMBD page and was actually once an aspiring actress – though she never once mentions this on the show. Even though fraudsters usually hide in the shadows, it seems as though this contestant is seeking that sweet, sweet spotlight.

The Fraudster: Fraudsters are adept at establishing synthetic identities, which use real pieces of information from different identities to create a new, fictional identity that can’t be traced back to a real customer name.



Raven: Raven owns a fashion boutique in Arkansas. Could she be seeking publicity for her store more than Nick’s true love?  Raven seems sweet and easygoing, but her appearance on the show is more likely a sophisticated strategy to drum up sales.

The Fraudster: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Fraudsters are no longer small-time, solo hackers playing around on a computer. It’s usually pretty organized, with vast networks of criminals working together to defraud businesses and consumers.



Corrine: Corinne is this season’s villain and the contestant everyone loves to hate. Corrine has claimed on many occasions that she will try to win by any means necessary—does “any means” include deception, coercion and playing outside the rules? Like Vanessa, some basic Internet sleuthing has found that she, at some point, was an aspiring model, and even appeared in a music video back in 2011.

The Fraudster: The sophistication and intensity of fraud attacks has been increasing, with fraudsters resorting to more extreme means to make their gains. They are always one step ahead, making it necessary for businesses to make fraud prevention a key priority to protect themselves and their customers—just like Nick should prioritize protecting his own heart.



Rachel: Don’t get me wrong – I am as thrilled as the next person to see Rachel move from contestant to “Bachelorette,” but her unwillingness to participate in “drama,” combined with her impressive ability to portray herself in a positive light has us wondering….could this have been her end goal all along?

The Fraudster: Fraudsters give merchants everything they want to see to convince them their transaction is legitimate, while expertly hiding their true criminal intentions.



Let’s hope for Nick’s twice-dumped sake that I’m wrong about these ladies’ fraudulent motives—but if 21 seasons has taught us anything, I’m willing to bet that the final transactional relationship doesn’t last either.



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