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Infographic: How to Fight Online Travel Fraud

posted on: Fri Mar 24 2017

Travel businesses that operate online face some very unique challenges when it comes to reducing fraud and accepting legitimate orders. What unique fraud challenges do eCommerce operations in the travel industry face? Which travel products are most targeted by online fraudsters? Are certain types of travel industry card-not-present (CNP) transactions more likely to be fraudulent? And are fraudsters going after the big online travel agencies (OTAs) or are smaller online travel businesses more at risk? This infographic gives good insight to those questions and more, including what eCommerce operations in the travel industry can do to fight back against fraud while holding down fraud mitigation costs. 

Travel Infographic

Most travel agencies are experts in helping customers plan their trips and vacations and have little expertise in reducing fraud efficiently and effectively. How would your travel business change if online fraud wasn’t a concern? What if you could approve more borderline orders without fear of incurring costly chargebacks? How would staffing priorities evolve if you could spend less time and money on manual reviews and more time serving legitimate customers? Discover how a multi-layered approach to fraud prevention – employing capabilities like Authentication, Device ID/Recognition, Deep Analytics and Chargeback Intelligence – can make fighting fraud more effective and more efficient for your online travel and leisure business. Download the white paper: "Today’s Fraud Challenges Facing the Travel Industry."

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