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White Paper, Industry Expert Validates Kount Solution

posted on: Mon Apr 02 2012

We obviously believe there is tremendous value when you fight fraud with a fully integrated solution instead of piecemealing different tools together that often don’t play nicely with one another. Now you no longer have to take just our word for it. Mercator Advisory Group recently released its Card-Not-Present Risk Management Across the Value Chain report, which reinforces (among other key findings) the need for any business operating in a card-not-present environment to have a comprehensive, real-time fraud solution. We couldn’t agree more.

Mercator is an expert resource for companies involved in the banking and the consumer payments industries. We believe they provide valuable perspective on the impacts of fraud and the protection every business needs to minimize risk in card-not-present environments. If your business operates in a card-not-present environment, the Card-Not-Present Risk Management Across the Value Chain is definitely worth a read. The report includes findings consistent with our experiences, although the analysis was conducted and produced independently of Kount.

Notable highlights of the report illustrate the ongoing evolution of fraud among other key findings:

  • Web‐based card‐not‐present (CNP) payment transactions continue to grow at a remarkable rate
  • New lines of CNP (and mobile) business enabled by e‐commerce have revised the criteria for evaluating fraud management tools
  • Today’s fraud detection systems must accommodate a widening set of channels and payment methods
  • An integrated approach to fraud management creates a better solution by interlocking defenses that add clarity and decisioning speed

Mercator notes that while new lines of business continue to evolve, so does fraud and the need for one comprehensive integrated solution. We believe Kount Complete™ is that solution, capturing the deep tool integration for risk detection and the strong, interlocked defense mentioned throughout the report as the best option for businesses to combat fraud today. It also reflects the benefits of using a single provider with integrated tools to minimize risk in every transaction.

Kount started as an integrated fraud solution based on the evolving needs of e-commerce. Today that need is stronger than ever. Just ask an industry expert.