Pre-Paid Mobile Phone Provider Disconnects Fraud

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One of the largest providers of pre-paid mobile phones and wireless services was being targeted by fraud rings. Due to the high number of fraudulent transactions for phones, pre-paid minutes, service contracts, etc., the company landed on an Excessive Chargeback Program. As the company began searching for an online fraud prevention solution, the fraud attacks suddenly surged, reaching over $1 million in a single month. With the company relying on Kount as their first line of defense against fraud, they have realized critical business benefits that have directly improved their bottom line.


  • Chargeback rates were reduced by 95%
  • Fraudulent transaction rates were slashed from 1.2% of transactions to .2%
  • Transactions requiring manual review were reduced to 1.2%
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Kount helped one of the largest providers of pre-paid mobile phones and wireless service reduce manual reviews to just 1.2% of transactions, compared to industry norm of about 5%.
Don Bush,
VP of Marketing, Kount

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Telecommunications Fraud Solution

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If you are going mobile, you can expect fraudsters to do the same. Staying one step ahead of fraudsters in the mobile world can be challenging, unless you have Kount.

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