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CD Baby is the world's largest online distributor of independent music, but chargebacks and affiliate fraud had them singing the blues. They were hit by recurring fraud attacks that drove chargebacks up to 2.6%. After CD Baby implemented Kount, chargebacks fell dramatically to just $850/month and order linking allowed them to identify stolen credit cards long before they became serious problems.


  • Chargeback rates plummeted from 2.6% to less than 0.1%
  • Revenue held steady, with no complaints of legitimate orders being rejected
  • Manual reviews dropped dramatically and can now be handled by a part-time person
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Kount has really made my life infinitely easier. I’m back to doing my job instead of spending my entire work week battling fraud.
Christine Barnum,

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For 20 years, Kount has been a leader in developing cutting-edge technology to reduce fraud and chargebacks, while still allowing merchants to expand their product offering and geographical sales efforts.

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Too many chargebacks are often a sign of fraud. Don't let chargebacks and other costs of fraud spin out of control.

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