Kount Central™ Helps Payment Processor Conekta Reduce Chargebacks/Risk in Merchant Portfolio

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Conekta is a certified aggregator for Banco Mexico and City National Bank, providing payment processing and fraud prevention services for merchants in Latin America. Prior to using Kount as one of their fraud prevention tools, Conekta tried other supposedly top-of-the-line solutions, but many weren’t working well enough. They incorporated Kount into their array of anti-fraud solutions and started seeing good results right away.


  • Reduced chargebacks for key accounts and verticals by as much as 50% or more
  • Reduced false positives and associated merchant inquiries by more than half
  • Enabled new capabilities like manual reviews of questionable transactions
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Kount has been a great partner. We are growing our sales by approving more orders and reducing chargeback rates by more than 50% for some merchants and specific verticals.
José Andrés Chávez,
Anti-Fraud Operations

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