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Global Cosmetics ManufacturerUnveils a Unicorn Fraud Prevention Strategy


Leaving Signifyd for Kount allowed a global cosmetics eCommerce manufacturer to revolutionize their fraud prevention performance. Confidence in their order approvals came from Kount’s data, an experienced consultative approach to fraud prevention, complete transparency and control over the entire transaction process. The move not only reduced chargebacks, manual reviews and false positives, it brought peace of mind and the confidence to aggressively expand the company’s global footprint.


  • Reduced chargebacks from 3-4% to less than 1%
  • Cut the number of manual reviews by 70%
  • Fraud controls allow customizations that mitigate false positives
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What we lacked with Signifyd was control. They are a black box that either approved or kicked orders to a manual review queue based on a determined score...too many bad orders were scored good and too many good orders were scored bad.
Fraud Prevention Coordinator, Leading Global Cosmetics Company

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