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FoodServiceWarehouse.com prides itself on being the industry’s one-stop shop for high-quality restaurant equipment and brand name supplies. Founded in 2006, the company saw strong sales increases in 2009 and 2010. But with that growth came an increase in fraud. It got harder to keep up and the need to continually address fraud was taking away from important business development efforts. The implementation of Kount allowed the team to respond to new fraud tactics almost immediately without tying up their internal developers.


  • 67% reduction in decline rate which led to significantly higher sales
  • 50% less time spent per manual review
  • $154,000 in confirmed fraud attempts prevented in past 10 months
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The drop in decline rate, the decrease in fraud transactions, and the reduction in the amount of time spent on manual reviews make Kount a very worthwhile investment for us.
Lisa Bolton,
Operations Manager

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Two Heads are Better Than One: Artificial Intelligence + Human Insight

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Retailers don't win by only stopping fraud. They win by approving the maximum number of orders while safely and cost-effectively mitigating fraud. The combination of artificial intelligence and humans working together are vastly superior to either working alone.

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