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Internet Brands is the largest proprietary social media and publishing software company in the world and powers over 70,000 websites. As their business grew, Internet Brands began to experience an excessive number of fraudulent chargebacks. The fraud management tools within their existing merchant system were unable to give them the level of control they needed to reduce these fraudulent chargebacks. Implementing Kount enabled Internet Brands to dramatically reduce their fraudulent charges to almost non-existent.


  • Reduced fraudulent chargeback fees
  • Seamless integration with their custom online shopping cart
  • Exceptional level of support from Kount
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Implementing Kount has enabled us to dramatically reduce the number of fraudulent charges we were processing. They are now almost non-existent.
Adrian Harris,
Senior Operations Manager

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Watch "Reduce Chargebacks with Kount" Video

Watch Reduce Chargebacks with Kount Video

Too many chargebacks are often a sign of fraud. Don't let chargebacks and other costs of fraud spin out of control.

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