“Ruining a Bad Guy’s Day” Leads to Greatly Reduced Fraud And Higher Sales

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With rapid growth comes a dramatic increase in online fraud. The company previously had relied upon an effective in-house fraud program that included automated fraud controls and intensive manual reviews of online orders. But the surge in business and frequent attacks from fraudsters began to outstrip in-house resources.


  • Reduced card-not-present chargeback rate 72% — down to 0.4%
  • Increased online sales 23% with projected growth of 30% by year-end
  • Reduce bad debt related to card-not-present chargebacks 37%
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Micro Center has a motto about fraud. 'How can we ruin a bad guy's day?' Kount's fraud solution is appropriately equipped and in-line with our motto.
Skip Myers,
Director of Loss Prevention

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Prosecuting the Perps

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Online retailers are often reluctant to pursue criminal charges against fraudsters. At first, it may seem like a hassle but in the long run, it can help minimize fraudulent activity as your organization builds a reputation for aggressive action.

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Few segments of the market are more vulnerable to fraud and losses than the financial sector. Fraudsters like to steal cash, takeover customer accounts, and create new, fraudulent accounts for everything from loans to precious metals.

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