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With chargeback rates consistently running over the 1% threshold and a series of fines and penalties, this national provider of information to the automotive industry was put on notice that it was within 30 days of a processing shutdown. Like many other firms, the company had reached this state by assembling its own collection of anti-fraud tools and was managing them itself.


  • Reduced manual reviews to less than .8% of transactions
  • Chargeback fines were eliminated in just 30 days
  • Enabled faster service and greater customer satisfaction
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They’ve just been super. We implemented in two weeks, tuned the system within six, and were out of chargeback jail within a month.
Fraud and Risk Manager,
National Data Provider

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Kount lets you precisely dial-in your rate so the revenue generated by borderline approvals consistently exceeds the chargeback costs of those borderline approvals. All the while staying under processor chargeback thresholds.

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