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Sales Shine for Reeds as Fraud Costs Plummet

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Reeds Jewelers is a family owned jeweler that relied upon manual reviews using rigorous rules to protect against fraud. They were hit by a big spike in fraud activity that led them to seek an automated solution that would reduce fraud. After evaluating a number of solutions, they chose Kount. The results were impressive. Reeds Jewelers increased sales 24% in 14 months, approved an additional 2,300 orders and reduced the cost of fraud losses by more than 80%.


  • 24% sales boost in just 14 months
  • Estimated $500,000 in additional revenue
  • 80% fewer bad debt transactions
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Before Kount, we manually reviewed about 20% of orders. We’ve cut that significantly and now spend 80% – 85% less time on manual reviews.
Mark deCausmeaker,
Director Multi Channel Sales

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