SaferVPNReduces Chargebacks 65% with Powerful Fraud Prevention

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Increased web traffic often leads to a rise in order volume, brand awareness and unfortunately, fraudulent activity. When SaferVPN, a virtual private network service, experienced a significant rise in chargebacks, they started searching for a solution that would yield results quickly, and effectively without negatively impacting sales. SaferVPN turned to Kount for help, and after a clean and seamless integration they saw a dramatic decrease in chargebacks.


  • 65% reduction in chargebacks with no slowdown in sales
  • Eliminated more than 25,000 manual reviews annually
  • Dramatically reduced operational expense and impact
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We’ve gone from more than 100 reviews a day to maybe 30. And as we add more and more automated rules, we expect that number to decrease even more.
Bar Gidali,
Fraud Analyst

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Reduce or Eliminate Manual Reviews

Reduce or Eliminate Manual Reviews

Many of our customers see significant reductions in their chargeback rate within the first 30 days of implementing Kount.

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