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Dedicated to the craft of making jeans and the integrity of its product, Silver Jeans Co., has grown to a $150 million denim giant, with sales across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, this growth and success came with an increase in fraud losses. Silver Jeans quickly identified Kount as the technology they needed and following implementation, the company immediately began seeing results, reducing chargeback rates from as high as 10% down to 0.1%.


  • Reduce chargebacks to $0 in most months, down from $10,000 to $30,000 in monthly losses before Kount
  • Enable re-opening of sales to international buyers
  • Reduce time spent on manual reviews by two to three hours every day
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Our chargeback rate went from as high as 10% down to 0.1%. In terms of dollar amounts, our losses dropped from $10,000, sometimes $30,000 a month down to $0 in most months.
Mike Girardin,
eCommerce Manager, Silver Jeans Co

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