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SpeckProtects Against Fraud and Quickly Exits Excessive Chargeback Programs

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Speck strives to craft the best protective cases for mobile devices by creating perfectly-fitting and insanely-styling cases in a highly competitive market. As part of their customer-first approach, Speck goes out of their way to cater to customer needs. Unfortunately, fraudsters were taking advantage of this attitude and generating excessive chargebacks for the company. With Kount in place, Speck was able to quickly get a handle on fraudulent transactions and the company’s chargeback rate dropped immediately.


  • Exited Excessive Chargeback Programs within 30 days of implementing Kount
  • $103,000 savings in the first five months
  • Efficiently conducted manual reviews on borderline transactions
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The pricing and value we get from Kount is totally worth it. We avoided about $103,000 in chargeback fees and fines, as well as lost/stolen merchandise.
Kari Bernardo,
E-Commerce Risk Manager

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Kount lets you precisely dial-in your rate so the revenue generated by borderline approvals consistently exceeds the chargeback costs of those borderline approvals. All the while staying under processor chargeback thresholds.

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