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Webjet Brings Kount On Board and Sales Take Off While Fraud Costs Get Grounded

Webjet, Australia and New Zealand’s leading online travel agency, takes great pride in their leading online travel tools and technology. However, they became interested in Kount’s services to help spot and adapt to fraud changes and assist in the shift from desktop to mobile app bookings. Since its implementation, Kount has dramatically reduced Webjet’s chargebacks and manual reviews, bringing their chargeback percentage 98.4% lower than the industry average. This drop in number of chargebacks and manual reviews has allowed Webjet to auto-accept a much higher number of orders and reduce the number of bookings flagged for review.

Our chargeback percentage of Total Transaction Volume is 0.03% compared to an Australian Online Travel Services benchmark of 1.9%. We’ve achieved a 83% reduction in the number of bookings flagged for review [and] a 50% reduction in bookings declined for fraud validation.
Tim Wagg,
General Manager, Customer Operations, Webjet

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