Boost Profits with Kount Fraud Management

Most companies look at ecommerce fraud management as a cost center in their organization. In doing so they overlook the impact that proper fraud management can have on reduced losses, reduced labor cost, and increased revenue opportunities.

Fraud Affects Financial Performance in Several Ways

Direct Losses: Fraud losses due to lost merchandise, chargeback fees & fines, shipping expenses, and more are high-profile costs.
Direct Cost: The impact that fraud prevention activities can have on capital expense and operating costs—IT spending, payroll, outsides services, and more—is not only substantial, but can vary considerably.
Revenue Loss: Opportunity Cost—Legitimate orders that are wrongly turned down due to suspicion of fraud (false positives)—don’t show up as line items on the income statement, and so may not receive the attention they deserve. However, they can have the most significant effect on financial performance.

Reduce Fraud and Accept More Good Orders

Kount’s award-winning, fraud-fighting platform makes it easy for companies to achieve both goals of reducing fraud risk and increasing revenue by increasing the rate of order acceptance and minimizing false positives (turning away legitimate customers during the fraud screening process).

Kount Helps Reduce Losses, Cost, and Increase Revenue

  • Minimize Chargebacks — Our customers report an average of 68% reduction in chargebacks within the first 30 days
  • Reduce Labor — Reviewing fewer orders, or eliminating manual reviews altogether, means faster acceptance, lower labor cost and higher customer satisfaction
  • Maximize Revenue Opportunities — Expand to new geographies, open new sales channels, add products, accept more orders
  • Reduce Operational Expense — Kount’s all-in-one, SaaS platform is easy to implement, easy to use and has excellent ROI & TCO ratios
  • PCI Level 1 Compliant for more than 10 years

How Much is Fraud Really Costing You?

Get a clear picture of how much you are spending and potentially losing to fraud, and what you can do to correct it.
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