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For High-Volume Login,
Account Creation and Affiliate Networks

Account takeover fraud is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing in the coming years. Kount Access™, powered by machine learning enables merchants to identify fraudulent behavior at the login in real-time, before fraudsters can gain entry into your network.

  • Account Takeover Fraud - Identify fraudsters at the login page so they can’t access the account
  • Fraudulent Account Creation - Prevent fraudsters from creating a new account or applying for services
  • Brute Force Attacks - Stop automated login attempts whether initiated by a person or a machine
  • Account Sharing Detection - Prevent password sharing while complying with licensing obligations
  • Multiple Account Detection - Restrain fraudsters from creating multiple accounts to gain or regain access to your network

How Kount Access™ Works:

  1. Once a user opens the login page, Kount Access goes to work behind the scenes.
  2. Kount Access calculates critical data such as Device ID, IP location and velocities associated with previous attempts, including: number of devices, number of passwords, and more (see chart below for full outline of data reviewed).
  3. In milliseconds, all data and analytics are returned to the client for use in their own system.
  4. Client then determines whether access is approved, denied or triggers a second level authentication. This could include processes like sending an SMS text, popping “out-of-wallet” questions, etc., to verify the user is a legitimate account owner.

Checked and Cross-Checked

Kount Access cross-checks each individual component with several other components to calculate the velocity of related login attempts. These velocities are checked in real-time to help you determine whether a login is approved, denied or needs secondary authentication.

These critical velocities provide unique insight to the behavior of individuals attempting to gain access to your network, game, site, etc. Kount Access provides this data to you in milliseconds to keep the login process fast and friction-free.

Data You Need

Kount Access provides the client with dozens of velocity checks and essential data to help determine the legitimacy of the user and account owners.

  • Several Velocities:
    • Unique password associated with a user
    • Unique password associated with a device
    • Unique usernames associated with a device
    • Unique devices associated with an account
    • Unique IP addresses associated with an account
    • Unique accounts associated with a device
  • IP proxy present
  • Device geolocation
  • Device ID
  • Mobile present

Validate Legitimate Account Holders

Kount Access can be employed in several use cases, from FFIEC regulatory compliance for financial institutions to online gaming.

  • Validate that legitimate users are accessing their accounts
  • Meets compliance regulations such as FFIEC
  • Device geolocation
  • Low-cost fraud and security solution
  • Reduce risk and losses associated with fraudulent activity

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a financial institution that needs to comply with FFIEC regulations, can Kount help?
Absolutely. Kount has two products, Kount Complete™ and Kount Access™ that satisfy the FFIEC requirement. Contact a Kount representative to determine the best product for your specific need.
How long does it take Kount Access to check a user?
Kount returns analytical information in an average of just milliseconds. The fast response time minimizes the impact on the login process and is virtually undetectable to the user.
Kount can stop fraud but what about “friendly fraud” issues like account sharing?
Account or credential sharing is a problem for many services like online games and gaming, subscription services like Netflix, and so on. Kount can help you limit this type of abuse from both fraudsters and legitimate customers attempting to get something they have not paid for.
If a user enters all the correct information when logging into an account, how does Kount determine actual account owners from fraudsters?
Kount uses dozens of patented and proprietary technologies to uncover fraudsters even when all the information presented is accurate. This technology has saved hundreds of clients millions of dollars in lost and stolen revenue.
Due to licensing restrictions, I can only offer my service to users in my region. I require that my users say they are in my region, but I need a way to verify that they are where they say they are. Can Kount Access Help?
Yes. Kount uses patented and proprietary technologies to uncover whether or not users are truthful and accurate concerning their actual location.