Protect Your Merchants. Protect Your Business. Increase Revenue.

Kount Central™ protects payment service providers and their entire merchant portfolio with proven machine learning fraud technology. Delivering confidence in every transaction, Kount Central protects your entire portfolio of merchants while offering increased revenue streams and additional value-added services.

One Simple Integration, Four Profitable Uses

In response to the ever-changing landscape of payments and commoditization, tightening regulation, and the need for a more secure payments environment, Kount Central is an easy, one-time integration service providing enterprise-level fraud protection for your entire merchant customer base, from long-tail to F500, regardless of vertical market.

Kount Central includes several modes of operation maximizing protection for processors and merchants while increasing order acceptance rates, dramatically reducing chargebacks and the need for manual review. Kount Central makes it easy to match the level of protection to the merchant, from F500 to long-tail, adding to topline revenue and bottom line profits.


After your Kount Central integration, offer your best, most valuable merchants the industry-leading fraud mitigation platform with no IT integration hassle. They’ll be up and running in minutes.
  • Zero IT hassle, up and running in minutes
  • Reduce churn and increase acquisition
  • Full access to Kount Complete
  • New revenue stream, added profits
  • Perfect for top-tier merchants
  • Expert customer and technical support

Fraud Manager

Using your branded interface, Kount Central gives SMB merchants the ability to monitor and manage their own fraud and risk thresholds. Added service means revenue stream possibilities.
  • Perfect for SMB merchants
  • Processor-branded dashboard
  • Incremental revenue opportunity
  • No IT integration

Portfolio Manager

Reviews all transactions for fraud across the processor’s entire merchant portfolio. This basic fraud protection can be used as a value-added service for new merchant acquisition or as a new revenue opportunity.
  • No additional integration needed
  • Reviews all merchants’ transactions
  • Value-added service or revenue opportunity
  • Helpful in regulatory compliance

Continuous Underwriting

Real-time underwriting is becoming the norm, but what happens after the merchant has an account? Kount Complete employs a concept of “continuous underwriting” watching every transaction for risky behavior before it becomes a problem.
  • No additional integration needed
  • Monitors for changes in risk profile
  • Early warning of merchant problems
  • Protects the processor from account abuse

The Right Level of Protection

Kount Central's multiple use cases offer the right level of protection for each of your merchants. Top level, high-value, high-volume merchants get the comprehensive Kount Complete suite. SMB merchants can be set up with their own dashboard to manage and monitor their risk and fraud profile. Processors can establish a "blanket" of protection with Kount Central's Portfolio Manager providing basic protection across all merchants and giving early warning to processors of possible problems before they get out of hand. All from one simple integration.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you overcome the IT hurdle with Kount Central? My largest merchants have several IT projects ahead of fraud mitigation.
Kount Central is integrated into the processor's platform so there is no need for the merchant to undertake an integration or IT project. In a matter of minutes, even the largest merchants can be up and running and have the protection of the leading fraud mitigation platform, Kount Complete, with no additional IT hassle.
How does Kount Central give me the ability to add incremental revenue?
Fraud mitigation is a highly valued service that is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have” feature. Once Kount Central is integrated into the processor’s platform, any or all of the use cases can be run. Processors have the option of offering Kount Central’s fraud prevention services as a value-add for their merchants, or charging a fee for the service.
As a gateway, I need to reduce the fraudulent transactions that I process to avoid fines or penalties from regulators, can Kount Central help with this?
Yes. Kount Central can reduce the risk associated with all of a processor's or gateway's merchants, reducing risk and assisting in backend underwriting procedures. This also gives processors an in-depth view of where their risk is within their merchant portfolio.