Kount for Fraud & Payment Managers

Managing fraud is hard. In fact, each year it seems like it gets easier for the bad guys to commit fraud and more difficult for the good guys to stop them. Your job is a continual struggle to lower fraud levels, reduce the cost of fraud management, automate systems, and scale as your organization grows. And, make sure you don’t negatively affect sales conversions.

Beat Fraud

We’ve been developing fraud technology for more than 20 years. With dozens of patents and proprietary solutions designed to detect fraud, good transactions are confirmed in less than 300ms. No friction at checkout.
The rich data available through the Kount platform automatically minimizes chargebacks and makes reducing, or even eliminating, manual review of orders easier than ever. Configurations of automated processes are easy and completely customizable to fit your business’ specific needs, risk profile, and growth strategy.

Boost Sales

Kount believes that our job is to make your job easier. We’re fraud reduction experts and have been helping minimize chargebacks, lower false positive rates, and decrease the need for manual reviews for more than a decade. All while providing opportunities to accept more orders and expand sales.

After implementing Kount, our customers report increased sales through:

  • Adding new products and services which may have looked too risky before Kount
  • Accepting more, legitimate orders they declined prior to using Kount
  • Expanding sales into new geographical regions previously considered too risky
  • Selling through new channels such as mobile or affiliate networks

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

Fraud management doesn’t have to be complicated. Kount is a SaaS solution that is easy to integrate, many merchants are up and running in a matter of days. Our platform also automates most functions and the business intelligence reporting capabilities are second to none.

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