Machine Learning, Evolved.

Stay Ahead of Fraud with Kount’s Advanced
Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning

Fraud Detection Through Machine Learning

Not All Machine Learning Is Created Equal

For more than a decade Kount’s advanced machine learning technology has been beating fraud by linking billions of data points across a vast global network.

Make Your Machine Learning Kount

Kount instantaneously provides both current environment and historical insight for each and every transaction, helping organizations make smarter decisions.


By using two branches of machine learning, merchants see an immediate improvement in fraud and chargeback rates (Persona) as well as continual improvements tailored to their unique environment (Boost).

Using Kount’s supervised and unsupervised machine learning technology can allow us to automatically approve ~3K transactions per month, reduce manual review by ~200 hours, and approve $1.2M USD per month.”

– Global Payment Service Provider
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