Automotive Fraud Detection Solution

Sub-Verticals: Auto Parts, Powersports Accessories,
Vehicle Performance & Enhancements, Vehicle History

Auto parts are in high demand, which means fraudsters are looking to steal and flip them for a fast buck. With high cost of goods, shipping, and handling, online retailers in the automotive segment can lose a lot of money quickly when they get hit with fraud.

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Let Kount’s technology fight off the fraudsters, reduce losses, and open up new avenues for increased revenue. Whether a business sells across the street or across the world, Kount reviews every transaction in milliseconds to minimize risk and fraud losses. Some of the internet’s best known brands trust Kount to help them accept more orders from more people in more places than ever before.

Kount provides industry-specific guidance to help businesses:

  • Ship orders with confidence
  • Reduce fraudulent chargebacks
  • Decrease the need for manual review of orders
  • Increase order acceptance rates

Put the brakes on fraud and give revenues a little gas with Kount.

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