Dating & Social Fraud Detection Solution

Sub-Verticals: Professional Services (Angie’s List,, etc.),
Social Media, People Search/Background

Online services such as personal ads, dating sites, professional services, and background checks are hotbeds for fraudsters trying to steal information to use either for schemes like account takeover or to sell to other criminals using personal data for other online crime.

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Sites that gather and hold personal information have two concerns when it comes to fraud: first, is the payment for services/membership valid, and, second, is the person providing the information who they say they are. Kount reviews hundreds of electronic data signals to provide deep insights into each transaction, dramatically reducing fraud and the number of fraudsters who get onto your network.

Kount helps dating and social sites in several ways:

  • Reduce fraudulent chargebacks
  • Validate members at login, stopping fraudsters at the gate
  • Minimize the need for manual review
  • Review and verify new account information

In less than 300 milliseconds, Kount keeps fraudsters out and helps increase good connections.

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