Downloads and Digital Streaming Fraud Solution

Sub-Verticals: Stored Value Cards/Gift Cards, Music Streaming,
Survey Services, Educational Courses/Testing, TV/Movie Streaming Services,
Software Downloads, Content/Music/Video Downloads, Free Trials

Companies that offer digital goods and services, free trials, and other downloadable options generally experience a higher instance of fraud than shippable goods merchants. The difference can be 2X or 3X greater fraud rates. Businesses that sell through affiliate channels could see still higher rates of fraud. The speed at which approvals and delivery are expected make it difficult to properly screen orders for fraud, and manual review may simply not be an option.

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For 20 years, Kount has been a leader in developing cutting-edge technology to reduce fraud and chargebacks, while still allowing merchants to expand their product offering and geographical sales efforts. Machine learning, device ID, proxy piercing, and order linking are all technologies developed, patented, and released by Kount to help diminish risk and grow sales.

For Digital Streaming and Download businesses looking to increase revenues and reduce fraud losses, Kount can:

  • Reduce fraudulent chargebacks
  • Reduce the need for refunds
  • Reduce fraudulent payout of commissions
  • Reduce or eliminate manual review of orders
  • Increase selling opportunities
  • Approve more good orders
  • Keep the checkout process friction-free

Boost sales and beat fraud with Kount.

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