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Electronics retailers sell some of the hottest, must-have gadgets on the market today. No wonder fraudsters like to target electronics vendors; it’s where they can make a lot of money. Retailers often have high false positive rates and turn away legitimate customers trying to reduce fraud losses and chargebacks. Some electronics merchants report that for every fraud loss they take, they need to make up to dozens of additional sales to cover the lost product, shipping, chargeback, and profit.

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Kount works with some of the world’s largest online electronics retailers to keep fraud from dipping into their profits. Kount can:

  • Dramatically reduce chargebacks
  • Slash false positive rates
  • Increase the number of good orders accepted
  • Protect merchants selling in affiliate channels or internationally
  • Allow retailers to add new products, whatever the risk profile

Get back to growing sales, and let Kount take care of fraud.

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