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Mobile devices have made it easy for consumers to order online for delivery or in-store pickup. For organizations using either an app or simple web browsing on mobile devices to give customers the options they want, fraud can take a real bite out of business. From ordering a cup of coffee to ordering restaurant equipment, fraudsters have specialized in this market segment and are stealing billions in the process.

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Kount works within the mobile channel on mobile devices and legacy eCommerce models to secure payments, avoid fraudulent orders, and insure a smooth checkout process whether you use an in-app “wallet” or require full details at checkout. In just 300 milliseconds Kount’s decisioning engine gives you the insight you need to make selling more things to more people in more places than ever before easy.

Customers find that Kount:

  • Dramatically cut chargebacks
  • Reduced the need for manual review of orders
  • Increased order acceptance
  • Helped expand into new geographies

Don’t get burned by fraud. Kount keeps the orders flowing, so businesses can keep serving up great results.

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