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With higher than average checkout values and easily resold items, home, kitchen, and pet eCommerce sites are vulnerable, and they are being targeted by fraudsters. Fraudsters have many channels to resell products after using stolen payment credentials to buy them online. The high cost of goods and other operational and logistical costs mean that retailers selling home furnishings are at risk of losing more on each fraudulent transaction than other online merchants.

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Kount puts a stop to fraud, and gives online retailers the confidence they want when shipping each order. For more than 10 years Kount has been stopping fraud and helping online merchants grow their business.


  • Minimizes chargebacks
  • Reduces manual review of orders
  • Tracks transactions all the way through shipping
  • Accepts more good orders, enhancing revenue

Take fraud off the list of things to worry about with Kount’s proven protection platform.

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