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Fraud is not a game. It’s serious business. And when it hits, it can cause more than losses, fines, and extra penalty fees; it can cost the confidence of your entire player base. When fraudsters use stolen financial information like credit cards or e-wallets to play, compromise accounts, or create an unfair advantage, real customers leave.

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Putting hurdles in the way of fraudsters during account creation, login, payout, and special offers can keep them from creating problems within gaming networks. Operators that can tell the difference between a “whale” and a “shark” are better equipped to provide an optimal playing experience for their customers.

Kount has been helping online game and online gambling operators maintain a fraud-free environment for nearly a decade. We understand what it takes to stop fraud, maximize your revenue opportunities, and keep players happy.

Operators that deploy Kount see:

  • Dramatically cut chargebacks and refunds
  • Reduced or eliminated need for manual review of player accounts
  • Increased player account opening acceptance
  • Protected current player accounts
  • Expansion into new geographies
  • Decreases in fraudulent bonus payouts

Don’t play around with fraud, let Kount increase player acceptance, optimize player experience, protect player accounts, and decrease the fallout caused by fraud.

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