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Mobile devices and the networks they operate on are prime targets for fraudsters. And because they sell a combination of digital goods and services, like pre-paid minutes and service contracts along with shippable goods like phones and accessories, the challenge of fighting fraud can be even more complicated.

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The shopping experience online can make or break the customers’ view of the carrier brand. Reducing wait times for order approval, protecting the account of current customers, and stopping fraudulent accounts from being created are all issues that cause concern.

Kount has been stopping fraud for telecommunications companies for over a decade, helping them reduce losses, protect accounts, and decrease or eliminate the need for manual review of orders, all in under 300 milliseconds.

Keep fraudsters off your network with Kount and:

  • Dramatically decrease chargebacks
  • Reduce the need for manual review of orders
  • Increase new account approvals
  • Confidently add new products and services
  • Safely expand into new geographies

Hang up on fraudsters and see what Kount can do for telecommunication networks.

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