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Last year the travel industry lost billions to fraud. Online ticket agencies (OTA), event ticketing merchants, corporate travel, and even loyalty programs are prime targets for fraudsters. Because of the nature of the industry, reducing fraud has some very unique challenges. Many online merchants simply turn away legitimate customers due to the suspicion of fraud.

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Kount works with airlines, travel agencies, and event ticketing companies to reduce fraud and increase the rate of order acceptance, and has been doing so for more than 10 years. Our customers regularly report fewer manual reviews and increased revenue, either through approving more legitimate transactions or expanding sales into new products and territories.

Kount makes it easy to:

  • Reduce false positives (turning away good orders)
  • Accept legitimate orders from good customers
  • Cut chargebacks dramatically
  • Slash manual review of orders
  • Automate process making, freeing up your time
  • Protect both loyalty and corporate accounts

Margins in the travel and leisure space are razor thin; protect them with Kount.

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