The Fraud Solution for the Travel, Entertainment and Leisure Merchants

The landscape of fraud in these industries are constantly changing. Are you ready?

Airlines, online travel agencies, event ticketing, hospitality, and even loyalty programs are prime targets for fraudsters. Because of the nature of these industries, reducing fraud presents some very unique challenges. Kount is well equipped for these changing fraud challenges both now and in the future.


We've achieved an 83% reduction in the number of bookings flagged for review [and] a 50% reduction in bookings declined for fraud validation.

Tim Wagg
General Manager
Customer Operations

Airlines lose $1.4 billion annually to online fraud and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are top three target for card-not-present (CNP) fraud. Revenues suffer, too, as fear of fraud leads to higher false positives. Finally, lack of automation results in too many manual reviews, the slowest and most expensive way to fight fraud.

Kount’s multi-layered approach combines advanced screening technologies, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and fraud prevention expertise to reduce fraud, boost sales and minimize fraud mitigation expenses.

  • Last minute booking charges: Order Linking and Velocity technologies automatically thwart this common fraudster tactic.
  • Slim margins: Decrease chargeback rates by as much as 98%, and boost profitability.
  • Excessive False Positives: Increase order approval rate with better data and automated/AI analysis.
  • High operational expenses: Automation virtually eliminates costly manual reviews.

Air Travel Fraud-Fighting Resources

Case Study: Webjet Sales Take Off with Kount

Since its implementation, Kount has dramatically reduced Webjet’s chargebacks and manual reviews, bringing their chargeback percentage 98.4% lower than the industry average.

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eBook: Fraud Takes Off in the Travel and Leisure Industry

The fluidity of bookings combined with last-minute changes make fraud prevention particularly difficult for any online travel and leisure company.

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