The Fraud Solution for the Travel, Entertainment and Leisure Merchants

The landscape of fraud in these industries are constantly changing. Are you ready?

Airlines, online travel agencies, event ticketing, hospitality, and even loyalty programs are prime targets for fraudsters. Because of the nature of these industries, reducing fraud presents some very unique challenges. Kount is well equipped for these changing fraud challenges both now and in the future.


We’ve seen a 77% drop in chargebacks for the most targeted resort, Kount has blocked about $350,000 in fraud for that one property alone, which is just 1 out of 250 resorts that we serve.

Sean Engie
Finance Manager

The traditional street scalpers of the 20th century have pivoted to highly sophisticated fraud schemes. With online ticket sales projected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.1% between now and 2019, fraudsters will increasingly target online ticketing companies to cash in. Do you have a fraud strategy or platform in place?

With ticket sales generating roughly 60% to 70% of any given sports revenue up to 60% for the music and film industry, an online fraud prevention strategy is critical to help protect your company's bottom line. Kount gives ticket merchants the tools and guidance to reduce fraud and, ultimately boost sales through:

  • Real time analytics: ticket fraud happens fast, Kount gives you real time analytics and the tools to make an informed decision.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence: eliminate the fear behind last-minute ticket purchases while avoiding false positives and unnecessary manual reviews.
  • Order Linking: identify the attributes behind multiple transactions originating from the same fraudster in real time.
  • IP Proxy Detection and Geolocation: now that the buyer is who they say they are.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting: reveal patterns and behaviors that may appear harmless in isolation, but reveal themselves as fraud across multiple transactions.
Hear what our friends at Front Gate Tickets had to say.
"We really look at Kount as a great partner and contributes in ways that our organization hasn’t had before. Whether that’s fraud as it is now or if it’s looking at the data numbers that we have and recommending new products, new services, a new way of displaying things."

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We have a number of resources covering specific topics within the fraud mitigation and prevention space, including case studies, webinars, eBooks, and more.

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