The Fraud Solution for the Travel, Entertainment and Leisure Merchants

The landscape of fraud in these industries are constantly changing. Are you ready?

Airlines, online travel agencies, event ticketing, hospitality, and even loyalty programs are prime targets for fraudsters. Because of the nature of these industries, reducing fraud presents some very unique challenges. Kount is well equipped for these changing fraud challenges both now and in the future.


There is an estimated $225 - $350 billion on the books for airlines, hotels and other loyalty program owners. With only 34% of consumers change logging into their accounts every few months and only 23% checking balances once a month, a fraudster can operate in these accounts for weeks undetected.

For over 10 years, Kount has been helping loyalty merchants combat the unique fraud techniques fraudsters use to target loyalty accounts, continually adapting to combat changing tactics and, ultimately, boost sales.

  • Account Takeover fraud: Identify fraudsters at the login page so they can’t access the account
  • Fraudulent account creation: Prevent fraudsters from creating a new account or applying or services
  • Brute force attacks: Stop automated login attempts whether initiated by a person or a machine.
  • Multiple account Detection: Block fraudster from creating multiple accounts to gain or regain access to your network

Loyalty Fraud-Fighting Resources

eBook: Fraud Takes Off in the Travel and Leisure Industry

The fluidity of bookings combined with last-minute changes make fraud prevention particularly difficult for any online travel and leisure company.

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Other Resources

We have a number of resources covering specific topics within the fraud mitigation and prevention space, including case studies, webinars, eBooks, and more.

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