Payments and Fraud 360 World Tour

Boston, Massachusetts

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A 360-Degree View of Today's Payment and Fraud Landscape

Criminals continue to make headlines by stealing millions of consumer credit cards, private data files, and other financial information. Meanwhile, payment systems for online companies evolve with new payment types, technologies, and trends adapting to consumer spending habits online. How do you stay ahead of the fraudsters and keep up with the latest in payment innovations?

Join us at the Payments and Fraud 360 in Boston on June 19, when we address the most pressing issues in online payments and fraud today.

This is a free half-day, live seminar presented by industry experts covering fraud trends, global transaction insights, eCommerce data, and changes in the payment landscape. Breakfast and lunch are provided at no extra cost.

Event Details

  • When
  • Tuesday, June 19, 2018
  • 8:30 am1:00 pm
  • Where
  • Boston Marriott Long Wharf
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Speakers and Sessions

  • Don Bush

    What Fraudsters Are Up to and How to Stop Them

    Don Bush

    Vice President of Marketing, Kount

    Fraudsters are always changing their tactics, networking with new criminals, spreading across the globe and developing new tools to steal from online merchants. We'll look at what fraudsters are up to and how you can detect, deter and prevent fraud from hurting your business.

  • Joe Twer

    What an All-in-One Platform Means for Commerce & Your Bottom Line

    Joe Twer

    Sales Director, BlueSnap

    A complicated payment process and older payment technologies puts sales at risk. In this session, we’ll discuss how an all-in-one platform can streamline your payment process for online & mobile checkout, subscriptions, marketplaces, invoice payments and manual orders. Consolidating your payments and utilizing built-in products like global processing, payment types and eWallets, fraud prevention and risk management can help significantly increase sales and eliminate integration pains. We’ll bring real-life examples and provide you with some important considerations on how to accept more orders and increase payment conversions with an all-in-one solution.

  • Nate Foss

    Why Can’t We Be Friends: Chargeback Fraud is Anything But Friendly

    Nate Foss

    VP Partner Relations, Chargebacks911

    Explore the dark edges of chargeback fraud in this enlightening discussion of the good, the bad and the ugly of new trends, rules and regulations.

  • Sam Hartung

    The Multi-Layered Identity Verification Ecosystem

    Sam Hartung

    Risk Partnership Manager, Whitepages Pro

    The demands of global commerce and risk management have given rise to a new ecosystem of identity verification

  • DJ Murphy

    The Promise of E-Commerce: A World Without Borders

    DJ Murphy


    Despite the political uncertainty unleashed in Europe and the U.S., eCommerce is still the best tool to spread your brand around the world and increase your sales.

  1. Registration & Breakfast
  2. Welcome Address
  3. “What Fraudsters Are Up To & How to Stop Them”
  4. “What an All-in-One Platform Means for Commerce & Your Bottom Line”
  5. “Why Can’t We Be Friends: Chargeback Fraud is Anything But Friendly”
  6. Coffee Break & Refreshments
  7. “The Multi-Layered Identity Verification Ecosystem”
  8. “The Promise of E-Commerce: A World Without Borders”
  9. Lunch