Payments and Fraud 360 World Tour

Tel Aviv, Israel

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A 360-Degree View of Today's Payment and Fraud Landscape

Take a break from your daily routine to join us for a lively payments and fraud discussion. Gain insights from executive leaders about a better way to protect your digital innovation and grow your business.

  • Learn how to expand your digital commerce while protecting against fraud
  • Learn about eCommerce changes in the payment landscape
  • Gain insights on how business growth depends on securely protecting your business and customers
  • Discover ways to optimize your payments to grow your bottom line

This is a complimentary, live seminar hosted by Kount and BlueSnap. Breakfast and lunch are provided at no extra cost.

This event is for merchants only and subject to approval.

Event Details

  • When
  • Monday, 8 April, 2019
  • 8:30 am1:00 pm
  • Where
  • LABS TLV, 60th Floor
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  • Who
  • Merchants Only
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Speakers and Sessions

  • Brad Wiskirchen

    Emerging and Persistent Fraud Trends

    Brad Wiskirchen

    CEO, Kount

    Fraudulent tactics are evolving, expanding across the globe and new methods are developed to steal from online businesses. We'll look at the latest digital protection trends and discuss how you can optimally detect, deter, and prevent fraud from impacting your business innovations.

  • Ralph Dangelmaier

    What an All-in-One Platform Means for Commerce & Your Bottom Line

    Ralph Dangelmaier

    CEO, BlueSnap

    A complicated payment process and older payment technologies puts sales at risk. In this session, we’ll discuss how an all-in-one platform can streamline your payment process for online & mobile checkout, subscriptions, marketplaces, invoice payments and manual orders. Consolidating your payments and utilizing built-in products like global processing, payment types and eWallets, fraud prevention and risk management can help significantly increase sales and eliminate integration pains. We’ll bring real-life examples and provide you with some important considerations on how to accept more orders and increase payment conversions with an all-in-one solution.

  • Leonid Cooperman

    Securing IoT Payments

    Leonid Cooperman

    Co-Founder and Co-CEO, iXDen

    Credit Card industry raises increasing security concerns regarding IoT device payments adoption, including paying home appliances, connected cars or contactless payments by wearable devices. Those payments, initiated by the devices without any human involvement, bringing new challenges for the payment authentication process. IXDen, Visa Inc and BlueSnap performed recent PoC, demonstrating technology for frictionless multi-factor authentication of paying IoT devices within existing 3DS 2.0 infrastructure, effectively reducing IoT payment risk from CNP to CP level. iXDen software technology secures issuer banks, credit cards, payment gateways and merchants from real-time identity theft and fraud caused by IoT payments.

  • Frederic Belhassen

    Are You Ready?

    Frederic Belhassen

    Digital and Innovation Strategist

    It's a new world that we are living in. Values, habits, ideas and new concepts have changed the way our world is running. We have never experienced such cultural changes that happened so fast as in the past decades. This talk will take you on a thought-provoking journey about change and innovative thinking, combining different disciplines such as Innovation, Consumer Behavior, Psychology, Trends, Behavioral economics, Digital, and Creative. A lecture regarding the present and future generations, behavioral changes and their impact on employees and consumers. Are you ready for those changes? Are you willing to rethink about the way you act for so long? If not, your competitors will.

  1. Registration & Breakfast
  2. “What an All-in-One Platform Means for Commerce and Your Bottom Line”
  3. “Emerging and Persistent Fraud Trends”
  4. Coffee Break and Refreshments
  5. “Securing IoT Payments”
  6. “Are You Ready?”
  7. Lunch and Desserts