Payments and Fraud Glossary


Geolocation Detection

Set of diverse and ideally automated tests that help fraud protection solutions assess the risk of fraud involved in a specific order passing through a merchant’s website. These tests might include IP to Zip Code, IP to Billing Address, High IP Cross Referencing, IP Geolocation & Proxy Detection, and NPA NXX Area Code Web Service.

Geographical IP Detector (GID)

A web shop or a fraud protection solution equipped with a GID can easily locate the real physical (geographical) location of a device, by tracking its IP Address.

Ghost terminal

A skimming device made up of an ATM touch pad and reader which are placed over a legitimate ATM. Even if the reader obtains card information and PIN, it cannot process the transaction since the legitimate ATM does not function. The card number and PIN are then used to commit fraud.

Global Address Verification Directories

This feature enables fraud protection solutions compare the address introduced by the visitor with the existing address, detecting any fake data. It also helps e‐merchants keep their customers easily reachable.

GPS Spoofer

A program or devices that attempts to deceive a GPS receiver by broadcasting incorrect GPS signals. These spoofed signals may be modified in such a way as to cause the receiver to estimate its position to be somewhere other than where it actually is, or to be located where it is but at a different time, as determined by the fraudster.

Guaranteed Fraud Prevention

A kind of insurance that transfers the impact of fraud losses from the insured entity (bank or processor or merchant) to a third party. This may be linked to the implementation of specific fraud prevention solutions.