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Feature Comparison:
Company: Kount CyberSource
In-House × ×
Hybrid × ×
Machine Learning
Abuse List
Address Verification
Credit Bureau × ×
Information Sharing Network ×
Case Management
Recovery ×
Guaranteed Fraud Prevention × ×
Digital Identity Verification
ID Verification
Identity Document Scanning × ×
Video Scanning × ×
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Validation
Derived Verification × ×
Small Transaction Verification× ×
Email Verification
Additional Checks/Compliances × ×
Online Authentication
Behavioral Biometric
Session Analysis ×
Device-User Interaction
Device Fingerprinting
Remote Access Detection
Mobile App Push ×
3-D Secure 2.0 ×
Hardware Token × ×
One-Time Passwords ×
Knowledge-Based Authentication × ×

Business Model: Kount = SaaS
  CyberSource = SaaS

Pricing Model: Kount = Tiered volumed-based pricing model
  CyberSource = Tiered SaaS-based pricing model

About Kount: Through Kount’s global network and proprietary technologies in AI and machine learning, combined with policy and rules management, companies frustrate online criminals and bad actors driving them away from their site, their marketplace and off their network. Kount’s continuously adaptive platform provides certainty for businesses at every digital interaction.

The Vitamin Shoppe Sees Reduction in Chargebacks

“Our product losses are down 50% to 60% with Kount and Ethoca. I would highly recommend the Ethoca integration. The savings in labor hours alone makes this an attractive investment.”

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