Reduce Chargebacks

Chargebacks are a leading indicator of fraud. When they get out of control, you risk costly fees, lost or stolen product, and suspension or loss of credit card acceptance privileges. Kount reduces chargebacks to positively impact sales and increase your revenue in the first 30 days. Even if you are already in an Excessive Chargeback program, Kount can help get you back on track, fast.

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Reduce Chargebacks in 30 Days or Less

Merchant losses due to fraud are in excess of $100 billion annually, which includes unauthorized transactions, fees, interest and penalties associated with chargebacks. In fact, some merchants claim the top reason for excessive chargebacks is fraudulent transactions being accepted at checkout. And the losses keep mounting when you add lost product, reduced revenue, the cost of manual reviews and other fraud mitigation techniques.


Prevent Mobile Fraud

Mobile apps and mobile wallets provide digital innovation growth opportunities for your company. They can also lead to new fraud avenues for cyber criminals. Kount can help you combat fraud from all types of mobile-related interactions.

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Going Mobile with Kount

Most online merchants look at mobile commerce as a new and exciting way to allow customers to shop, connect and buy products on the go. The rapid growth of mobile devices globally though, has opened new doors for fraudsters.

Fraudsters now have more ways to access goods and services, mask themselves, and attempt to steal from you or disrupt your business. Unlike traditional browsing and access via a computer, mobile devices introduce many new elements that complicate the user verification process.

All-in-one Solution

Mobile devices use a different set of criteria, requiring retailers to employ technology that identifies, validates, and authorizes a purchase as quickly as possible. Kount offers a solution that makes it easy to prevent fraud for any type of mobile transaction including wallets, apps, and other mobile payment platforms. Our all-in-one solution simplifies fraud management and maximizes effectiveness by providing:

  • Real-time mobile device detection
  • Additional real-time data elements on risk inquiry call
  • Two-factor authentication through SMS or Voice PIN
  • Rules engine mobile device capability
  • Mobile reporting and search
  • Mobile SDK for easy development

Prevent Digital Payments Fraud

As cybercrime evolves, the size, speed, and sophistication of fraud networks makes uncovering fraudsters more difficult. Static data like AVS and CVV are no longer sufficient to detect and prevent fraud. Kount uses patented technologies like Multi-layer™ Device Fingerprinting, Proxy Piercer™ geolocation, velocity checks, cross-merchant order linking, Persona™ behavioral modeling, artificial intelligence, statistical scoring and a powerful rules engine that can help detect fraud the very first time it appears.

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Stop Payment Fraud with Kount

As cyber crime evolves, the size, speed and sophistication of online fraud and fraud networks makes uncovering fraudsters more difficult. New methods of purchasing such as mobile devices and alternative payments (PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, gift cards, virtual currency, etc.) add to the complexity.

Static data of the past, like AVS, CVV, IP and device ID lookups are no longer sufficient to detect and prevent fraud. Kount employs multiple techniques and proprietary technologies to expose fraudsters and prevent fraudulent transactions in real time, before losses occur.


Prevent Account Takeovers

Account takeover fraud can take place anywhere an account is used to buy, store or access confidential information, goods, and services. Account takeover is also associated with various forms of ID theft such as phishing, fake websites, trojans and botnets. Kount makes it easy for merchants to detect and prevent account takeover attempts by using proprietary technology that returns risk information in just 250 milliseconds.

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Combat Account Takeover Fraud With Kount

Account takeover is one of the more prevalent forms of fraud used by identity thieves. Often the customer’s information comes from data breaches. It occurs when a fraudster obtains an individual’s personal information such as an account number, password, username or social security number and changes the official contact information or adds another user to an existing account. Once accomplished, the fraudster has established a window of opportunity in which transactions are conducted without the victim’s knowledge.


Grow Revenue

Kount takes the guesswork out of suspicious transactions so you can accept more good orders, expand revenue and increase market share while reducing fraudulent transactions and the risks associated with growth. Our business intelligence reporting clearly shows how you can increase sales impact while reducing the risk of fraud.

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Grow Revenue with Kount

The goal of most online businesses is to grow revenue, increase market share and maintain an expanding base of happy customers. Fraud can get in the way of your growth plans and negatively effect your customer relations, leading to lower sales and slower growth. Expanding into new markets, adding new products, or reducing manual reviews can help or hinder growth. The Kount fraud management solution gives online merchants the confidence to sell more products to more people in more places, expanding revenue opportunities.


Reduce Manual Reviews

Attempting to reduce fraudulent transactions by increasing the number of orders manually reviewed is a costly and non-scalable proposition. Kount provides a faster, more streamlined initial fraud screening with behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence, and transaction scoring based on patented and proprietary technologies. Our customers reduce manual reviews to just 2%-3% of transactions or even eliminate them altogether.

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Reduce or eliminate the need to Manually Review Orders

Manual review of orders should be a last line of defense when fighting online fraud. The process is slow, resource intensive, and not scalable for company growth. According to one study, 75% – 90% of manually reviewed orders are eventually approved. Companies that use manual reviews to identify fraud find it to be the most expensive piece of their fraud management operations. In addition, making your customer wait for approvals can cost you sales and brand reputation.



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