Resources: Kount Fraud Detection Software Use Cases

Use Cases to Beat Fraud & Boost Sales

The flexibility of Kount’s patented technology can be implemented in a wide variety of applications and use cases without compromising efficiency or effectiveness.

Reduce Mobile Fraud

Transactions via mobile devices can lead to new revenue opportunities for your company. It can also lead to new fraud methods for cyber criminals to steal from you. Kount has specific features to combat fraud from all types of mobile transactions including mobile devices, wallets, apps and more. Kount’s Mobile Software Developers Kit, now in its fifth generation, was designed to detect and prevent fraud for websites optimized for mobile devices.

Reduce Chargebacks in 30-Days or Less

Chargebacks can be a leading indicator of fraud. When chargebacks get out of control you risk costly fees, lost or stolen product, and suspension or loss of credit card acceptance privileges. Kount reduces chargebacks without negatively impacting sales. Our fraud-fighting platform works fast and dramatically reduces chargebacks in the first 30 days. Even if you are already in an Excessive Chargeback program, Kount can help get you back on track, fast.

Stop Payment Fraud Fast

As cyber crime evolves, the size, speed and sophistication of fraud networks makes uncovering fraudsters more difficult. Static data like AVS and CVV are no longer sufficient to detect and prevent fraud. Kount uses patented technologies like Multi-layer™ Device Fingerprinting, Proxy Piercer™ geolocation, velocity checks, cross-merchant order linking, Persona™ behavioral modeling, artificial intelligence, statistical scoring and a powerful rules engine that can help detect fraud the very first time it appears.

Stopping Account Takeover Fraud & Login Fraud

Account takeover fraud can take place anywhere an account is used to buy, store or access confidential information, goods and services. Account takeover is also associated with various forms of ID theft such as phishing, fake websites, trojans and botnets. Kount makes it easy for merchants to detect and prevent account takeover attempts by using proprietary technology that returns risk information in an average of just 250 milliseconds.

Reduce or Eliminate Manually Reviewed Orders

Attempting to reduce fraudulent transactions by increasing the number of orders manually reviewed is a costly and non-scalable proposition. And, if your business offers digital goods, manual review may not be a viable option. Kount provides better initial fraud screening with behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence, transaction scoring, and several other patented and proprietary technologies. Most clients reduce manual reviews to just 2%-3% of transactions, or eliminate them altogether.

Increase Sales Revenue

Most online merchants want to expand revenue opportunities and increase market share while reducing fraudulent transactions and the risks associated with growth. Kount takes the guesswork out of suspicious transactions, either domestic or cross-border, and allows online merchants to accept more good orders. With Kount’s business intelligence reporting it’s easy to see how you can increase sales and marketing impact while reducing the risk of fraud.