Use Cases: Reduce Fraud, Increase Revenue

Grow Revenue with Kount

Increase Sales Revenue with Kount Fraud Detection Software

The goal of most online businesses is to grow revenue, increase market share and maintain an expanding base of happy customers. Fraud can get in the way of your growth plans and negatively effect your customer relations, leading to lower sales and slower growth. Expanding into new markets, adding new products, or reducing manual reviews can help or hinder growth. The Kount fraud management solution gives online merchants the confidence to sell more products to more people in more places, expanding revenue opportunities.

Increase Sales with Better Data

How much do you know about the customers purchasing from your site? Kount’s fraud solution includes a robust Business Intelligence reporting tool. This feature gives deep insight into the patterns and behavior of your customers. Hundreds of data points are available for searching, reporting and analytics to help you sell more.

These reports can be customized for marketing, sales or operational needs or they can be set up to run on a regular basis for management and maintenance. Many customers have used the information retrieved from the Kount reporting tools to:

  • Create special offers at point of purchase
  • Enhance loyalty programs
  • Improve customer service
  • Open new opportunities for increase sales and market penetration

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“We increased sales 24% while dropping bad debt to 20% of what it used to be. We’re very pleased. When people ask me about Kount, I tell them that Kount is singularly responsive and highly proactive in their approach. I can recommend Kount without reservation.”
Mark deCausemeaker
Director, Multi-Channel Sales
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How does a fraud prevention service increase sales?
We find most merchants hold back in certain areas of their growth strategy because they have some fear of the risk associated with that growth. For instance, adding an affiliate sales channel or moving into international geographies seem like risky options. And they can be. Both of those tactics have higher risk profiles than normal. Kount can minimize the risk associated with moving into new sales channels, markets or new products. That means higher growth potential.
Can Kount help me reduce my decline rate?
Certainly. This is another area where Kount can increase sales without increasing costs, spending more on marketing and sales, etc. Many of our clients report significant decreases in the number of orders they decline due to suspicion of fraud. This is also called a “false positive” when a good, legitimate customer is declined due to fraud concerns. If you could cut your decline rate by 50% or more, how much would that add to your bottom line?
How does Kount allow me to accept more orders?
Kount gives online retailers a better view into what each transaction looks like so they can make better decisions on what to approve and what to decline. Because of our award-winning solutions has enterprise-level features, retailers can approve orders that may have seemed risky in the past but really are valid orders from real customers. Some clients have reported improved acceptance rates of 5% - 10% and higher. How much would an increase of 5% - 10% add to your bottom line?
How do the Business Intelligence tools work?
Kount has included in the Kount Complete fraud prevention platform a very robust set of reporting features. Nearly any piece of data collected during the fraud review process can be searched, sorted, and output to show trends, behavior patterns and other hidden relationships within your customer base. Since all bad transactions have been cleaned out by Kount, you are left with real time, quality data that shows how your customers are interacting with your site during the purchase/checkout process. Things like, shopping cart data, payment type, location, device type, email address, etc. are available. You can link this information with your own CRM tools for even more flexibility.
Does the increase in sales cover the cost of the Kount service?
That really depends on each client. However, most of our customers report that their ROI is in the hundreds of percent. The best way to determine how Kount can help your sales is by scheduling a demo and running through our FREE ROI analysis.