Use Cases: Reduce or Eliminate Manual Reviews

Reduce or eliminate the need to Manually Review Orders

Reduce Manual Reviews with Kount Fraud Detection Software

Manual review of orders should be a last line of defense when fighting online fraud. The process is slow, resource intensive, and not scalable for company growth. According to one study, 75% - 90% of manually reviewed orders are eventually approved. Companies that use manual reviews to identify fraud find it to be the most expensive piece of their fraud management operations. In addition, making your customer wait for approvals can cost you sales and brand reputation.

Accept More Orders Faster

If the number of manual reviews was reduced by 50%, how much could your company save? Automating the transaction review process can eliminate costs and speed up order acceptance while maintaining a high-quality customer experience. Kount is the most advanced fraud detection and prevention platform available today for online merchants. We’ve helped some of the world’s best-known brands reduce or eliminate manual reviews. Kount can help you by:

  • Reducing the time for a manual review by 90%
  • Optimizing with Workflow Queue Manager
  • Offering business intelligence reports of your team’s performance
  • Providing a “Single Screen” review of Suspect Orders

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“Kount greatly simplified our manual review process. We’ve cut the time spent on each review by about 40% to 50%.”
Greg Coles
Director - E-Commerce Operations
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I sell digital products and we really can’t afford to review orders. How does Kount work with digital products?
Kount was developed with digital goods and services in mind. Many of our digital retailers have eliminated manual review altogether by using our automation features such as the “Risk Decision Rules Engine” and the “Auto Agent” found in the Kount Complete platform. These features make it easy to review transactions and confidently accept valid orders with no manual review necessary.
We sell high-ticket items and manual review is how we control losses, can we really reduce the number of reviews we do and still reduce fraud losses?
Yes. We have dozens of luxury retailers selling products that range from watches to jewelry to vacation packages. They all have significantly reduced the need for manual review and seen increases in the number of accepted orders all while reducing fraud losses and chargebacks.
Does Kount come with workflow management software so I can see manual reviews and track them throughout the process?
Yes. Built into the Kount platform is a very robust workflow management package. It has a rules engine for passing orders to the most appropriate review agent, shows all transaction information in a single screen (including shopping cart data), tracks agent progress, allows for management reporting and shows the queue progress along with many other features.