Use Cases: Prevent Chargeback Fraud in 30 Days or Less

Reduce Chargebacks in 30 Days or Less

Reduce Chargebacks with Kount Fraud Detection Software

Merchant losses due to fraud are in excess of $100 billion annually, which includes unauthorized transactions, fees, interest and penalties associated with chargebacks. In fact, some merchants claim the top reason for excessive chargebacks is fraudulent transactions being accepted at checkout. And the losses keep mounting when you add lost product, reduced revenue, the cost of manual reviews and other fraud mitigation techniques.

All-in-one Solution

Kount’s advanced fraud detection and prevention platform for online retailers can prevent chargebacks by stopping fraudsters at checkout. Many of our customers see significant reductions in their chargeback rate within the first 30 days of implementing Kount. We’ve helped some of the world’s best-known brands get out from under the crippling effects of excessive chargebacks. Kount can help you by providing:

  • Dramatically reduced chargeback rate with no negative effect on sales
  • Kount Score and Rules Engine for accurate fraud prevention
  • AutoAgent feature for fewer manually-reviewed orders
  • 300 millisecond response time for friction-free checkout
  • Transaction reviews on any device or payment type

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“Unfortunately, the internal measures we had in place were not having the desired effect. Our chargeback rate was almost 1.8% and we found ourselves in the Excessive Chargeback program. Our chargeback costs alone were over $11,000 that month. Kount quickly got us out of the Excessive Chargeback program.”
Nicholas Schneider
Operations Manager, HDI Commerce Logo
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Can Kount help me get out of an excessive chargeback program?
Yes. We have worked with dozens of online retailers and their acquiring banks to get them out of excessive chargebacks programs, stop the fines and start accepting more good orders. Our track record shows that we can have a customer out of an excessive chargeback program in less than 60 days.
How can Kount reduce chargebacks and increase sales?
Kount’s technology gives online retailers better visibility into the orders they are receiving. The enhanced view of the transaction allows Kount to show customers what is real fraud and what only looks like fraud. Suspicious-looking orders from legitimate customers are accepted and not declined. Many of our customer report increases in orders accepted and decreases in order declined, resulting in higher revenues overall.
What is an acceptable level of chargebacks for my business?
That’s a tough question because every business has different risk factors and tolerance for risk. Digital goods companies may be willing to take on more risk to maximize sales whereas a shippable goods company (because of the cost of lost goods) may be less willing to take on as much risk. What’s the right level of risk? One great way to determine that is to have an ROI review with a Kount representative.
Can I ever achieve zero chargebacks?
Yes you can, but it might not be what you want. Getting to a zero-level of chargebacks usually means you are turning away good orders to insure no fraud gets through your system. With Kount, you have the insight to minimize chargebacks and the effects of fraud with the added benefit of enhancing and maximizing sales opportunities.