Use Cases: Reduce Mobile Payment Fraud

Going Mobile with Kount

Kount offers a solution to prevent mobile payment fraud

Most online merchants look at mobile commerce as a new and exciting way to allow customers to shop, connect and buy products on the go. The rapid growth of mobile devices globally though, has opened new doors for fraudsters.

Fraudsters now have more ways to access goods and services, mask themselves, and attempt to steal from you or disrupt your business. Unlike traditional browsing and access via a computer, mobile devices introduce many new elements that complicate the user verification process.

All-in-one Solution

Mobile devices use a different set of criteria, requiring retailers to employ technology that identifies, validates, and authorizes a purchase as quickly as possible. Kount offers a solution that makes it easy to prevent fraud for any type of mobile transaction including wallets, apps, and other mobile payment platforms. Our all-in-one solution simplifies fraud management and maximizes effectiveness by providing:

  • Real-time mobile device detection
  • Additional real-time data elements on risk inquiry call
  • Two-factor authentication through SMS or Voice PIN
  • Rules engine mobile device capability
  • Mobile reporting and search
  • Mobile SDK for easy development

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“With Kount, we were able to confidently launch e-cards from day one.” In 2014, Spotify was able to double the number of e-cards sold compared to 2013. “And e-card fraud remains low in all markets. That’s important, because e-cards are a key product for us, accounting for USD $10 million in revenues.”
Federico Pezzotti
Head of Payment Operation
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Mobile Software Development Kit

Planning on adding mobile technology or developing an app? With the Kount Mobile Software Developers Kit (SDK) you can have all the same functionalities from the Kount Complete solution to protect yourself from fraudsters using mobile devices. Kount looks at each transaction individually, reviews hundreds of data elements and gives merchants an assessment in less 300 milliseconds, regardless of device.

Implement mobile fraud prevention using the Kount SDK


What Mobile Application Platforms do you support?
Android and iOS.
How does Kount Complete work with Mobile Apps vs. Mobile enabled/Responsive sites?
Kount Complete works in the same way regardless of whether your service is a Mobile App, Mobile Responsive or a traditional website. The only difference is that Kount provides a mobile SDK to install Kount’s Device Collector natively within either your Android or iOS application. All other integration with Kount stays the same, via a secured server-to-server communication.
Will the mobile user experience be impacted?
Kount Complete Mobile runs in the background, requiring no extra steps or effort from your website visitors and customers, all while reducing fraud, increasing operational efficiencies, and minimizing customer friction.
Will I have to resubmit my Application to the Apple Store/Google Play?
Yes, as per the requirements of both Apple and Google, new versions of the application will still be required to follow their process for submitting changes to your application.
Does the Kount Mobile SDK have a higher success rate in identifying the device?
Yes, when you are able to access the device natively, you are able to identify the device and access more information to help detect anomalous transaction/behavior.