Stop Account Takeover Fraud

Combat Account Takeover Fraud With Kount

Stop Account Takeover and Login Fraud with Kount Fraud Detection Software

Account takeover is one of the more prevalent forms of fraud used by identity thieves. Often the customer’s information comes from data breaches. It occurs when a fraudster obtains an individual’s personal information such as an account number, password, username or social security number and changes the official contact information or adds another user to an existing account. Once accomplished, the fraudster has established a window of opportunity in which transactions are conducted without the victim’s knowledge.

All-in-one Solution

Account takeover fraud can happen anywhere an account is used to buy, store or access confidential information, goods and services. It is also associated with various forms of ID theft such as phishing, fake websites and botnets. Kount makes it easy for merchants to detect and prevent account takeover attempts by using multiple techniques and proprietary technology. Kount can help detect fraud the very first time it appears by offering:

  • Proxy piercing to reveal the true location of a fraudster
  • A comprehensive risk score for a complete analysis of fraud
  • Velocity checks to find multiple accounts associated with a single device
  • Customized rules to match the unique needs of your business
  • Cross-merchant order linking across Kount’s entire network
  • Automated, real-time use of identity verification tools

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“We realized our internal system was not the long-term solution. Our rejection rate was too high and implementing changes to respond to new attacks was too awkward. Kount offered us something other companies couldn’t: the ability to write our own custom rules that apply to our unique situation.”
Dave Parrott
Fraud Manager
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We are a financial institution that needs to comply with FFIEC regulations, can Kount help?
Absolutely. Kount has two products, Kount Complete™ and Kount Access™ that satisfy the FFIEC requirement. Contact a Kount representative to determine the best product for your specific need.
How long does it take Kount to check a user?
Kount returns analytical information in an average of just 250ms. This fast response time minimizes the impact on the login process and is virtually undetectable to the user.
Kount can stop fraud but what about “friendly fraud” issues like account sharing?
Account or credential sharing is a problem for many services like online games and gaming, subscription services like Netflix, and so on. Kount can help you limit this type of abuse from both fraudsters and legitimate customers attempting to get something they have not paid for.
If a user enters all the correct information when logging into an account, how does Kount determine actual account owners from fraudsters?
Kount uses dozens of patented and proprietary technologies to uncover fraudsters even when all the information presented is accurate. This technology has saved hundreds of clients millions of dollars in lost and stolen revenue.